Summer Highlights

I continue to work on the SMART ACT (Secure, Modern, Accurate Registration Technology), which was retained in the House. I facilitated meetings with a group of Moderators, City Clerks, Supervisors of the check list, Legislators, and the NH Deputy Secretary of State to visit Secretary of State offices in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont to see their successful implementations of Automated Voter Registration. It was a good opportunity to learn about the benefits and ask questions about the AVR process as well as other election related topics.

Money out of Politics
On September 16, we held a ceremony to recognize the passing of HB504, a bill asking our Congressional Delegation to overturn Citizens United and draw fair districts. This is known as the 28th Amendment. Although the Governor vetoed the bill, we had bi-partisan support. In addition our Federal Delegation committed to working to get money out of politics and fair redistricting plans. NH is the 20th state to support the 28th amendment! Representative Kat McGhee was also in attendance (see below).

I am enjoying being your Senator and thank you for your support!

Melanie Levesque

NH State Senator

Hillsborough District 12
Facebook: Melanie4Senate


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