Newsletter - April 2019

Judy's Soapbox

It’s been two years since I was first voted on to the Executive Committee of the Hollis Dems, and wow, what a ride it’s been!  It’s been quite the journey, and I’ve made a lot of great friends, and I have been inspired by the hard work of so many people.  This newsletter is too short to thank everyone that has helped in the last two years, but I do want to give a special shout-out to the rest of the Executive Committee.  Anne DiCicco is a never-ending source of creativity and encouragement, and it is an honor for me to call her colleague and friend.  Anne and Chef Markoh donate all the wonderful food we enjoy so much at our meetings.  Maureen Chretien graciously accepted the role of Secretary when we had a sudden vacancy and seamless took on our publicity responsibilities as well.  Maureen and her talented family made our Old Home Days tractor photo cutout and kids voting booth.  Francine Howe has been meticulously keeping the books for the Hollis Democrats, and I don’t know what we’d do without her.  There are so many other volunteers I want to thank, but there are too many to name in one newsletter.  So, to everyone who has volunteered at a meeting or event, made phone calls, canvassed, worked on the newsletter, website, email blasts or any of the myriad other things that we managed to get done – a huge THANK YOU!


Let’s take a moment to reflect back on the accomplishments of the Hollis Dems over the last two years:

  • We raised over $4,500;

  • We helped elect Kat McGhee, Michelle St. John, Melanie Levesque, Debora Pignatelli, Michael Conlon and Elizabeth Ropp;

  • We hosted dozens of speakers ranging from activists to university professors to candidates and elected officials; and

  • We built a new website, increased our Facebook presence and created videos promoting our candidates


This was just the start.  With your help, I look forward to accomplishing even more in the next 2 years!


In Solidarity,

Judy Carr

Caucus Results

The Hollis Democrats’ bi-annual caucus was held during our monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 26th.  Please welcome the 2019-2021 Executive Committee:


Chair: Judy Carr

Vice Chair: Anne DiCicco

Secretary: Maureen Chretien

Treasurer: Francine Howe

Delegate-at-Large: Adam Bragg

Delegate-at-Large: Maureen Maisttison

And a big “thank you” to some of new Key Volunteers:


Community Outreach Volunteer: Adam Bragg

Newsletter Coordinator: Stephanie Melone

Data Manager: Tom Harris


For more information on volunteer positions, please email


Thank you to our speakers Senator Melanie Levesque and artist Chris Volpe for speaking with us after the caucus.  Melanie gave us an update on current legislation, and Chris showed us a beautiful presentation entitled The Art of Change, Artists Worldwide Respond to the Climate Crisis.  Thank you, also, to everyone who participated in our potluck supper.  Everything was delicious!

Next Meeting

Save the date for our next meeting, Tuesday, April 23rd at the Lawrence Barn.  It’s Taco Tuesday time at 6:30pm, and then our program will start at 7pm.  This month we’ll be discussing our Membership Roadmap; where we are, where we want to be, and how to get from here to there.  If you want to track our membership number and how that stacks against our current goal, go to

Save the Date

April 6: Hillsborough County Caucus, 10:00am to noon, Second Congregational Church, 25 Gregg St, Wilton, NH.  NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley and staff will conduct the caucus. All registered Democrats residing in one of our county’s 29 towns are eligible to run for office or any of the seven at-large seats. Light refreshments available. More info available at 603-933-3130 or


April 6: Presidential Candidate Eric Swalwell with Milford Dems, 6:00pm social, 6:30pm potluck, 7:00pm speaker, Unitarian Church, 20 Elm St, Milford, NH.  Milford Dems Potluck Supper Presidential Candidate Series featuring Congressman Eric Swalwell CA-1.  Come for the entire event, or just show up at 7:00 to hear the speaker. Call 603-672-0388 for more information.


April 23: Hollis Democrats’ Monthly Meeting, 6:30pm to 8:30pm, Lawrence Barn, Taco Tuesday and Our Membership Roadmap


May 10: Presidential Candidate John Delaney at Hollis Town Hall, 7:00pm to 8:30pm, Hollis Town Hall Community Room.  Meet presidential candidate John Delaney, former US Representative from Maryland’s 6th district.

Legislative Updates

Capitol View by Michelle A. St. John

As a freshman Representative, my days since being elected have been filled with firsts. My first public hearing, first executive session, and my first vote. They’ve all been significant and I take the responsibility of being your Representative to heart. I have learned so much in these first few months and hope that my participation in this awesome work will make an impact on our community and our state.

I serve on the Child and Family Law committee. Thirty-two bills from the House and Senate were assigned to my committee. Some of these bills dealt with parental alienation, the emancipation of a minor, expanding foster care beyond the age of 18, supervised visitation centers, and filing protective orders on behalf of a minor. The bills we supported, and the full House voted on are now in the Senate. Some of these, if passed, will establish commissions to:

  • Study the effect of the opioid crisis, substance misuse, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and domestic violence as a cause of post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD) and other mental health and behavioral problems in New Hampshire children and students.

  • Study parental alienation

  • Investigate whether modification should be made to the time frame for determining permanency for children in the foster care system.


Last week the House Finance committee wrapped up the most important work the legislature does—crafting a state budget. It is my hope to serve on this committee in the future.

The budget sets priorities for the state. I know I am not alone when I say that I am thrilled to be able to vote in support of a budget that does more for public education in the last decade than any other state budget. This budget allocates an additional $164 million to our school system than what was proposed in the Governor’s budget, which flat funds education, yet will result in raising our property taxes further. The House proposed budget would bring in $124,096 in additional adequacy aid for education in Hollis.  The number for Brookline is a whopping $997,395. That’s a million dollars for SAU41.

Better funding education from the state level means less reliance on our property taxes to fund our children’s education. When I ran for State Representative one of the reasons was to be able to better fund our education systems while lowering property taxes at the same time. The House budget allows the priorities of the Granite State to move forward and to build a New Hampshire that works for everyone and not just for a few.

I’m always available to talk about what concerns you. My email is I hold office hours the fourth Monday of every month between 7-8:15 p.m. in the Hollis Social Library’s community room. If you’d like to attend a future House session as my guest, please let me know!



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