Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Committee and Delegates-at-Large


It shall be the duty of the Chair to call meetings of the Hollis Democrats and the ExecutiveCommittee and preside over those meetings; to vote in the case of a tie; to supervise the ongoing operations of the Hollis Democrats; to supervise all officers in the exercise of their respective duties; to be responsible for the maintenance of records that will reflect the ongoing operations of the Hollis Democrats and to ensure that such records are passed on to the appropriate elected successors to coordinate workers during local, state or national elections; and to ensure that any reports required by State or Federal Law receive full compliance. The Chair shall be responsible for securing and encouraging nominees for State Senate, State Rep, County Commissioner, Sheriff, County Attorney and the other offices in consultation with the NHDP. The Chair shall fill the ballot in accordance with RSA 655:37, and may appoint any committee or individual to assist in meeting these responsibilities. The Chair will work with the NHDP to help identify Inspectors of Elections to be appointed by the NHDP between May 15 and July 15 of the General Election year as stated in RSA 658:2.

Vice Chair

It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chair to perform the duties of the Chair in their absence;
and to perform such duties as may be delegated by the Chair. The Vice-Chair shall be responsible for
overseeing any committee efforts to recruit candidates for State Representative and the Democratic
State Convention.


It shall be the duty of the secretary to maintain accurate minutes of the meetings of the
Hollis Democrats and Executive Committee; to post notice of meetings; to keep such other records as
may be required; and to act in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair.


It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to be responsible for the custody of all funds of the
Hollis Democrats; to keep a full and accurate record of all receipts and disbursements; to deposit all
moneys in the name of the Hollis Democrats in a recognized bank; to disburse said funds as may be
ordered by the Executive Committee; to give a full financial report to the Chair, the Hollis  Democrats,
the Executive Committee, or the Finance Committee upon request; to sign all checks, drafts and orders
for payment of money; and to act in the absence of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.


It shall be the duty of the at-large delegate(s) to represent Hollis as voting members at the New Hampshire Democratic Party State convention and to attend meetings of the Hollis Democrats as necessary.

Key Volunteer Positions

Community Outreach Coordinator

Establish a committee with the objective of growing our membership and volunteer base as well as foster ties and cooperation with other Democratic groups.  This group will also be responsible for the design and implementation of our new website.

Database Manager

Works with the Community Outreach Coordinator to create and maintain a database of active Hollis Dem members along with their interests and special skills.

Newsletter Coordinator

Solicit and collate content for the monthly newsletter and send to the Hollis Democrats’ email list.

Programming Coordinator

Work with the Executive Committee to book speakers and plan other programming activities for the monthly meetings.

Social Media Coordinator

Establish a committee for posting content on various social media platforms about the Hollis Dems, Democratic successes in Concord and other relevant topics.

Fundraising Coordinator

Work with the Executive Committee to set a fundraising goal as well as plan and oversee various fundraising activities.

Old  Home Days Coordinator

Working with the Executive Committee to promote a theme for the Hollis Dems’ Old Home Days booth and parade; to recruit volunteers for the parade and booth.  The objective of this event is to raise awareness of the Hollis Dems, promote civic duty and raise money for the Hollis Dems.


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