Our next virtual meeting will be a forum for our Democratic candidates for NH State Rep District 27 (Hollis) on Tuesday, July 14 at 7:00pm.  Click here to RSVP now!  You will receive instructions on how to join the meeting after you RSVP.

Our three candidates, Tom Harris, Teagan Hudzik, and Kat McGhee will be answering your questions.  You can submit your questions in advance - simply click here!

Note about monthly meetings:

The Hollis Democrats care about your safety, and the safety of our community, until further notice, Hollis Dems meetings will be online only.  But don't worry, we're going to provide information on all kinds of ways to stay connected, stay politically active, and get Democrats elected up and down the ballot in NH and in Washington. 


In the meantime, stay safe.  Wash your hands frequently.  Practice physical distancing.  

I'd like to leave everyone with this thought from Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky of B’nai David-Judea Congregation in Los Angeles. Rabbi Kanefsky wrote this to his community about the new and necessary term in our vocabulary, social distancing:

“…. the very last thing we need right now is a mindset of mutual distancing. We actually need to be thinking in the exact opposite way. Every hand that we don't shake must become a phone call that we place. Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern. Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another, must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise. It is obvious that "distancing", if misplaced or misunderstood, will take its toll not only upon our community's strength and resiliency, but upon the very integrity and meaning of our spiritual commitment.... Let's stay safe. And let's draw one another closer in a way that we've never done before.”

In solidarity,
Judy Carr
Chair, Hollis Democrats


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